Certification of
Export Documents

With the Arab Brazilian Chamber, you will have trustworthiness in your
import transactions with Brazil. Ask the Brazilian seller company to certify the documents with us and guarantee legitimacy.

    Certify today through the Arab Chamber

    Legitimacy, guarantee and credibility
    in the import transaction with Brazil

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    Certification investment

    Your company can certify with the Arab Brazilian Chamber even without membership. Become a member and get discounts on Certification. Get also certification for business visas and certificates of origin.


    Identification Form

    To facilitate the Document Certification process, issue your Identification Form here. Click the button below and fill in all the information requested.

    What is Certification?

    Document Certification is an Arab Brazilian Chamber service to guarantee the authenticity of export documents in transactions between a Brazilian company and Arab countries.


    Advantages of Certificating
    with the Arab Brazilian Chamber

    Certifying export documents with the Arab Brazilian Chamber means guaranteeing the Arab importer that a Brazilian company complies with the destination country’s rules of origin and import requirements.

    Expertise and credibility of the Arab Brazilian Chamber with Arab countries

    Trustworthiness and security in commercial export transactions

    The holographic label ensures the authenticity of documents

    Digital cross-checking of label authenticity

    Which Documents to Certificate?

    Certificate of Origin

    Your company can issue a Non-Preferential Certificate of Origin online through Ellos, then certify it with the Arab Brazilian Chamber. Guarantee the authenticity of your documents.

    Business documents

    Certificate of origin, international health certificate, Halal certificate, phytosanitary certificate, packing list and every document that is part of the export transaction.

    Other documents

    We certify various types of documents, such as contracts, powers of attorney and appointments. Those that are not commercial are classified as Declarations.


    Why Certify with the Arab Brazilian Chamber?

    The Arab Brazilian Chamber’s Certification represents a guarantee for Arab importers and Brazilian exporters. We examine the documents in detail to comply with the rules of origin and requirements of Arab importers.

    Regarding issues arising from export documents, the Arab Brazilian Chamber works to remedy the concerns and preserve the reputability of Arab and Brazilian companies.

    How to certify with the Arab Brazilian Chamber

    Companies can certify with the Arab Brazilian Chamber in just six simple steps. Get one of over 500,000 certifications the Arab Brazilian Chamber has already completed in over 40 years of service.

    Step 1

    Gather the export documents

    Check which documents are required to export the product.

    Step 2

    Fill in the Identification Form

    Click the link and fill in the form to guide our staff’s work.

    Step 3

    Choose which branch to send the documents to

    You can send documentation to the São Paulo headquarters or the Itajaí or Brasília branch offices.

    Step 4

    Send the documents to the Arab Brazilian Chamber

    Upon receiving the documents, we will begin the verification and authentication process.

    Step 5

    Pay for the service

    Payment will be required after the service has been completed.

    Step 6

    Get the certified documents

    Choose whether you prefer to receive by mail, Courier, or pick it up in-person at the Arab Brazilian Chamber headquarters or branch offices.

    The time has come to certify

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